Saturday, October 9, 2010

Addison's broken arm

The day before Ayden turned 4, Addison fell out of a chair and broke her arm. She broke both her right radius and ulna. She is a trooper. She did awesome with everything. Now we are just waiting on her to either crawl or walk with her cast. Right now all she can do is scoot around. We are told healing should be fast, lets hope so!

Ayden's 4th Birthday

Ayden celebrated his 4th birthday with lots of friends and family at Chick-Fil-A. His theme was Diego. The Chick-Fil-A crew was great! Ayden had so much fun that he told Daniel that it was the best birthday he ever had!! Ayden had so many gifts it could have been Christmas. Thanks to everyone who joined us. A special thanks to Julie and Amber for helping keep me organzied. The awesome pictures are thanks to Amber and her super cool camera.

Tybee Island

We went on vacation this year to Tybee Island and we had a blast. It was a big family event. Both sets of grandparents joined us and on Sunday some of our dear friends came down to hang out on the beach. Ayden wasn't quite sure what to think of the ocean but he loved the sand. It took him several days to get used to the ocean but finally the day before we left he played in the water all day. We really like the atmosphere at Tybee. It is very laid back. We look forward to more vacations there.