Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ayden is a huge Sugarland fan and has been since he was about 2. He first started to be obsessed with them when All I Want To Do came out. I have video of him in his highchair singing and copying Jennifer Nettles. Every time he hears her sing on the radio he screams SUGARLAND! The mania has started once again with the new song Stuck Like Glue. He watches the video and sings along while copying every move Jennifer Nettles makes. Sugarland mania is upon us so much that I have the ring tone and every time my phone rings Ayden begs me not to answer (so he can hear the song). This craze has even rubbed off on Daniel, so much so that he thought I should get my hair cut like hers (which I did). The moment I walked in the house Ayden screamed, "Mommie, your hair is like Sugarland's". Ayden asks me every day now if my hair will look like Sugarland's that day. He is so disappointed when I get out of the shower and it is wet and doesn't resemble his favorite singer.


Funny story.......Now that Addison has her cast off, she and Ayden can take a bath together again. The other night Daniel was bathing them while I was working on school work. Daniel starts screaming for me to come into the bathroom. I rush in to find that Addison had pooped in the bathtub (just a little pebble). While the kids are standing up and we are cleaning the tub Ayden, out of the blue, says "Daddy, I thought it was a meatball"! HAHAHAHAHA

Georgia Football

Simple post......Can you tell we are Georgia fans? GO DAWGS!


Ayden played T-ball for the first time this season. He was on a 3/4 year-old team and he had a blast! He loved hitting the ball and running the bases. It was so fun to watch all the little ones running for the ball at the same time. Great memories were created this season.